Council Draft of the Plan

You can find the compiled draft of the plan here:

Full Comprehensive Plan- 10-10-2012 Draft


Final Drafts: Introduction, Background Report, History

Thank you for your interest and engagement in the Comprehensive Planning process.  We are now finalizing chapters, and wanting to provide you a copy of the last draft.  We will be posting the chapters in groups of three, as indicated by the post titles.  The content is complete, and they only need that last polish for visual consistency.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will be meeting tomorrow, October 9, 2012 at 5pm at the Council Chambers at Newton City Hall.  All citizens are invited to attend and participate in the public meeting.
Happy Reading!

Newton Introduction 10-5-12

Newton Background Report chapter 10-8-12

Newton History chapter 10-5-12

Summary Table of Initiatives & “Things to Do”

One of the great things about this comprehensive plan is that it is intended to be the plan for the community- the City, individuals, non-profit groups, churches, etc. can all look at this list of “things to do” and start to get some of the projects done.  All of the initiatives and things to do, as they are completed, will help us fulfill our Vision of Newton as a shining star- a great place to live!

Initiatives and Things to Do Summary Table