Public Input Date- Nov. 15, 2011

So, the date has been set for a large community input meeting.

November 15, 2011 at 6pm at the Jasper Co. Community Center

So… maybe you think to yourself:

  • I don’t even know what a Comprehensive Plan is!
  • Why should I attend this meeting on the 15th?
  • Meetings drag on forever, and I’m a busy person.
  • What if I have plans already that night, does that mean my voice doesn’t get heard?

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

In short- its a road map for direction in which we want the City to go.  It covers a broad range of topics such as housing, economic development, land use, community character, hazard mitigation, education, and so on.  Once completed, it is the document which provides elected officials the guidance on what the community wants when specific proposals or questions arise.

Your Participation is IMPORTANT!

We are working hard to provide multiple ways for citizens to participate in the planning process.  We want to know your thoughts, opinions, and ideas!  November 15th will be the big community input meeting where you will have the opportunity to work on specific subjects and provide us your ideas.

Your Time is Precious.

Everyone is busy these days!  We understand that.  That is why the meeting on the 15th is scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm and targeted to end by 7:30.  Don’t stay home if you can’t stay the whole time!  Come, even if you have to leave early!

Oh No! I Can’t Come on the 15th!

Don’t worry!  Community Development staff will hold some follow-up “copy-cat” meetings to offer some alternate times to citizens who are unable to attend on November 15th.  Two Alternate meetings will be held: Thursday, November 17th at 12:00pm (noon) in the Council Chambers at Newton City Hall and Thursday, December 1st at 5:00 pm at the Newton Arboretum.

Finally, if meetings aren’t your thing, we still want to hear your thoughts and opinions. In a few short weeks, a city-wide survey will be launched.  In addition, you can always feel free to give the Community Development Department a call-  we’ll listen to your thoughts and take notes!

~Erin Chambers, Development Planner