Chamber Breakfast Mini-Survey Results

At last week’s Chamber Breakfast, attendees filled out a quick little survey. 

The questions were:

1.)  What images or words come to mind when you think about Newton in the year 2020?

2.)  In your opinion, what should the top three priority topics/areas of discussion for the plan be?  (choose 3)

Housing, Sustainability, Occupational Diversity, Land Use, Education, Renewable Energy, Attitude/Identity, Revitalization, Transportation, Community Character, Economic Development, Natural Resources, Health Care, Hazard Mitigation, Intergovernmental Collaboration, Marketing

While we are still organizing the responses to the first question, we have already tallied the results for the second question.  The top three topic areas, according to the attendees at the Chamber Breakfast, are…. (drum roll)

Economic Development, Attitude/Identity, and Community Character.

~Erin Chambers, Newton Development Planner