Hello!  Welcome to the official page for the Newton’s Future: A Comprehensive Planning Effort.

During the 2010 Legislative Session, the Iowa Legislature enacted Senate File 2389, outlining Iowa Smart Planning.  In July 2010, the Rebuild Iowa Office launched the Iowa Smart Planning: Local Comprehensive Planning Grant Program.  Newton received grant funding through this program to assist in the completion of a new Comprehensive Plan for our community.

The current Future Land Use and Transportation Plan was adopted in 1997- 14 years ago.  The current plan is a generic document that doesn’t provide real guidance to the tough questions.  In addition, the community has experienced significant change since that time.  In many ways, Newton was a very different place 14 years ago.

Since there isn’t a strong and relevant comprehensive plan in place, Newton has been moving along with an incremental planning style that is, for the most part, a poor approach to community transformation.

Bonestroo/Stantec has been selected as the consultant to assist the community in the planning effort.  Stay tuned to this website to find out more about the consultant, Iowa Smart Planning, and the extensive planning process.

~Erin Chambers, Newton Development Planner